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Why do we need to crowdfund MoodCycles?

ADHDFund researched what Women with ADHD wanted to know. The theme with the most demand; Hormones and ADHD! The MoodCycles project has been developed to give us answers to these questions. A grant application to fund MoodCycles in 2016 was rejected without clear reasons being shared. The grant was focused on research into women and mood. Was the target group of ADHD women too specific? As it’s estimated that 5% of all women has a form of ADHD, you can’t call this group small! Whatever the reasons, the priorities of this group of women were overlooked.

If we want this research, we’re going to have to get it funded ourselves. Together, we can do this!

What is a MoodCycle anyway?

Current understanding of ADHD indicates a relationship to relatively low dopamine levels in the brain. During the menstrual cycle, levels of estradiol (estrogen) and progesterone hormones fluctuate greatly. Other studies indicate a relationship between estradiol and dopamine.

Seems logical, we know that the level of estradiol decreases sharply during the second half of the menstrual cycle and this may explain why women with ADHD experience ‘Danger Week‘!

So… if we know this, why do we need the study? We don’t know this. This is a hypothesis. This study will provide the most detailed study of female hormones within mental health EVER attempted. This is groundbreaking stuff! Get involved!