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ADHDFund raises funds for independent ADHD research. The research is based on the preferences of people with ADHD. The fund has been established for, and by, people with ADHD, their families and friends and researchers. Is ADHD research important to you? Join our community and donate!

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ADHD women want answers!

Women with ADHD face specific issues…

• Does your cycle influence your ADHD?
Does ADHD increase your chance of getting post-natal depression?
Do men and women have the same reaction to the same medication?

Just some of the questions we want answers to.

For that we need research!

Vote for your most important issue, and help make it possible!

Research for and by people with ADHD


If you have ADHD, or a family member or friend is diagnosed with ADHD, you want to know as much about it as possible. However, many questions are still unanswered because they have not been researched yet. We provide a possibility to have your research questions answered.

What subjects should be researched?

What is your most important question? Should there be more research into the connection between ADHD and studying? Would you like to know more about the effects of ADHD on your work? Or are you interested in diets?

Let us know what your research questions are by filling in our questionnaire. We collect the results every two months and publish them online. That way, the preferences of the ADHD community are accessible to everyone. Researchers looking to fund their projects, take those preferences into account.

Attention Researchers!

Are you a researcher looking to fund your project? We offer you a forum where you can present your proposal to the community and raise the required fund in three months. Read how it works here.

Top five ADHD

Raising money (crowdfunding)

The research proposals are presented here. If the proposal raises sufficient funds, the research project can go ahead. Do you support the subject and would you like the project to be executed? You can make a donation here to support your favourite cause.

Completely independent

Have you ever wondered whether you could trust the results of a survey? ADHDFund is completely independent from the pharmaceutical industry. The only ones contributing to the fund is the ADHD community. That is you and me!

Your research project here?

If you wish to use our crowdfunding platform to raise funds for your research proposal, please check the research criteria and submit your proposal!

Your can submit your proposal through this online form. Thank you!

How it works

100% funded!

These research projects have been fully funded:

ADHD, sleep & your heart

wekker slaap klein

Adults with ADHD and chronic sleep debt may be at higher risk for cardiovascular diseases. Research is important to adequatly treat these people, and is currently in progress.

ADHD or dementia?

Confused senior man trying to fill out an absentee ballot with his granddaughter's help.  Isolated on white.

Through ADHDFund “ADHD or dementia?” is fully funded. This research helps prevent misdiagnoses. Contributors donated 5.860 euro! We wish the researchers succes with the progress of this project.

ADHD, sleep and mood

sleep mood klein

The research team from Italy can carry out their project thanks to the 5,070 euro they received through ADHDFund.  “ADHD, sleep and mood” is an important, an much requested, research project.

Cognitive Test COTAP


The cognitive test for ADHD in children (COTAP) now has 11,137.57 to get their research project going!
With this test the process of diagnosis of ADHD in children will be more efficient.

In the eye of ADHD


In this highly innovative study, we examine the visual system in ADHD. We want to investigate whether particular visual problems are connected to ADHD symptoms and the often delayed sleep/wake rhythm.


Partnership with ADHD World Federation

We are very pleased to announce that we have joined forces with the ADHDWorld Federation (WFADHD) to serve researchers looking for funding, and people with ADHD in need for answers on their (research)questions.

The WFADHD considers ADHDFund a new and inspiring intitiative to build a funding community for ADHD research among the crowd of both patients and researchers worldwide.

The objective and mission of the World Federation of ADHD is to support and promote worldwide clinical and scientific study projects, including training activities in the field of ADHD (Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder) and related disorders.

They also support the exchange of information between scientists, physicians, health experts, ADHD lay organisations, self-help groups, the general public and other related organizations.

More information: