The first international online crowdfunding platform for ADHD research

ADHDFund ANBI statusResearch funded by ADHDFund is completely independent from pharmaceutical industry. Donations are done by patients, researchers, and their networks. Those who contribute determine the subjects.

Do you suffer from ADHD, show your need for a certain subject of research, connect with the ADHD researchers, and contribute to make the research of your choice possible by donation. Researchers follow the wishes of patients if they want to be funded. This empowerment of people with ADHD is a highly novel approach in psychiatry.


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Dr. Sandra Kooij, psychiatrist on ADHDFund

Dr. Sandra Kooij, psychiatrist on ADHDFund

Ambassadors and Volunteers

Ambassadors and Volunteers

Determine yourself the research subjects!

Determine yourself the research subjects!
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Your research ideas - update august 25th, 2014

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Your research ideas - update june 6th, 2014

We asked you to fill in our online questionnaire on your research ideas for ADHD, right from the start of ADHDFund at January 30, 2014. See the update of june 6th, 2014 in an interactive infographic: Read more

Are combinations of vitamins and minerals useful for ADHD?

It is known that Vitamin D levels in blood are often too low in people with all kinds of psychological problems such as depression and ADHD. This is less known of other vitamins and minerals. A recently well executed study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, documents the results of treatment with 'Empower plus', a combination preparation of several vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and amino acids. Read more